Action Changes Thinking

by Moon Bandits

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released March 8, 2013

Astrid: Violin, Vocals, and Art
Tommy: Banjo, Vocals, and Lyrics
Paul: Vocals on Burn it down
Produced by Paul Roessler at Kitten Robot Studios in Los Angeles




Moon Bandits Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Burn it down
Blow up every building in this town
And watch it all burn down to the ground
See the owners grovel the peasants cheer
And we do it all for love
We don’t have to sit and watch this happen
We can change everything right now
There’s a dream I have this world will change
We will be free from bribery

Build a world that matters fuck those corporate latters
Feel the breeze of freedom on our face
Don’t just chuckle this is the way it is
We have to want more than this
Strip malls of clothes made by four year olds
Can’t put a smile on anyone’s face
Apathy sets in and we know it’s wrong
But we don’t have a better way to live
Track Name: The Symptom
Family first until the market swallows the earth
And your stocks need a boost again deny the truth
Rich man steals from the poor man who steals from the rich man
We’ve all lost again and again and in the end in the end no one wins
Oh we’re not falling this time
For those corporate lies
The problem isn’t the boss the problem isn’t the cops
It’s the symptom of the system
So if you can help me maybe I can help you
Maybe the bosses and cops will just go away
Oh we’re not falling this time
For those corporate lies
The boss feels pressured, employees feel lost
The machine doesn’t know right from wrong
When compassions not an option and concern is never learned
We live a life alone like there’s no other way
Oh we’re not falling this time
For those corporate lies
Track Name: Speaker and the chairman
If prohibition worked so well why’d it only last 12 years
Problems never been alcohol just like it’s not heroin
So let’s get those people outta cells end this war on drugs right now

Right now! X2

People going to their grave if we stop this madness they might be saved
There’s a ban on use of federal money for syringe exchanges
No shortage of spending for incarceration

This must end
Right now x2
Track Name: From the windows of your home
When the river runs free from the mountains to the sea and there’s no concrete around
When there are wolverines in those hills you see from the windows of your home
When the cages open and every single animal’s not treated like a commodity

Oh we’ll sing for days about the joys of change

I’ll sing songs about trashless streams and the joy it brings for me my dear
We’ll see a pure world and feel provided for by the earth not in fear
And we’ll sleep at night knowing that the stars are bright above those heads of ours

Oh we’ll sing for days about the joys of change

I’ll take my daughter on hikes see trees older than these lies knowing that they are safe
We will celebrate life and help each other day to day when we are not consumer slaves
We will feel free knowing what that means when freedoms given to everything

Oh we’ll sing for days about the joys of change
Track Name: Revolutions Personal
Fear of not getting what I want or of losing what I’ve got
Keeps me in this place doing the same thing day to day
And if I want this world to change I’m going to have to change my perspective
Cause nothing’s going to change if I stay the same

This may be the hardest thing I’ve done in my whole life
Changing my mind about some things that are rooted inside me deeply
Changing my actions changing the decisions I make in my life
Revolutions personal it starts in my own mind

Someone once told me nothing changes nothing changes it’s as simple as that
And it’s true for me and you it’s not a corporate call or a blood bath
So let’s pick up where were at and change what we can x2

Chorus repeat
Track Name: Cold Leaves
There’s a time when I know I’ve just got to get out of this city
I look up and I see those mountains and the trees are calling me
I’ve been working so hard you know I can barely breathe
There are those times when I forget what’s most important to me

Got to hear the wind blow through the trees by my face
Hear the streams move by slowly to another place
This artificial world doesn’t have what I need
When this is all I know you don’t know me
Track Name: Southwest to Northwest
not long ago we were up in the north west for some hiking in Olympic
and while there we saw some clear cutting it broke our hearts
and we thought of those people sitting in those trees yea we thought of them
and we want them to know we appreciate all that they do

you help the world to know that there’s more to life than cars and bars
and we appreciate all that you do in your life
because those trees you sit in in the northwest are worth more than toilet paper
for me and you
Track Name: It's a lie
when you see some company tell you on TV that it’s gonna make you feel free
be skeptical please please
cause it’s a lie! it’s a liiiieeeee!
I know I don’t know much but I know they don’t care about me
I know I don’t know much but I know they don’t care about you
it’s a lie! it’s a liiiieeeee!
when you’re walking down the street and you see those billboards staring at you
hope you’re not listening cause nothing that they say is fucking true
it’s a lie! it’s a liiiieeeee!
Track Name: Keep your head up
it’s so easy to look at this place
feel like all is hopeless in our space
but my friends please keep your heads up now
cause if we don’t do something somehow

we’re gonna lose all we have to them x2

we’ve already given up our time
most of our precious little lives
please don’t give up all your soul
there’s more to life than payin their tolls

their gonna take all we have from us x2

oh my friends this isn’t over yet
we’ve still got each other don’t forget
and when you feel like all is lost
turn to your brother and help him up

we’re gonna take all this back one day x4
Track Name: Fool's gold
I’m not gonna sit and watch as my friends punch down on the same fuckin clock
And it breaks my heart as their heads all bleed
And they lay down at night but they can’t fuckin sleep

City lights burn bright
Not a star in sight
Selfishness is the only thing that makes us happy

But…. It’s only temporary
It’s only temporary
It’s only temporary x2

I hope you know we deserve more than this
I hope one day we’ll pass on it
….this shit x2